1. The services are offered to the Client in electronic way only, i.e. the Client is responsible for downloading his bought databases by connecting to Google Drive.
  2. The right to use purchased data belongs only to the Client, who pays for the services.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to resell or allow access to the bought data to third parties or to disseminate the data in any other way.
  4. A Client, who has not received his purchased data, should contact us regarding this issue in 5 days.
  5. The Client bares all legal responsibility for any misdemeanors and/or any type of legal offences in regard to the use of information contained in the database.
  6. We provides data as it has been found in public internet services.
  7. The Client has the right to demand data specification in case his purchased data contains more than 10% records that are not corresponding with the information disseminated in public internet sources.
  8. The service is considered to be not provided and the money is refunded only in case the data, provided to the Client after his request to specify it, still do not match the quality criteria, set out in article 7 of these rules.
  9. By registering on this site Client agree to get advertisements only related with updates on this site and actions offers.