I have paid for the services, when will I receive the database?

The system will automatically generate database files after the payment is received and sends you a download link via email. This will take a few minutes.
When you order a special request it will take 3-5 days to deliver. Our spiders will collect fresh data.

How old are the databases?

Once a month our data is updated.

How do I download a purchased database?

Your purchased database can be downloaded after you received our mail. The file is on Google Drive. Ignore the message from Google that the file is too big to scan for viruses.

Where are companies catalogues collected from?

Our data is collected from publicly available sources (internet websites, search systems, catalogues of the companies and other sources). We only collect data of active companies – the companies that publish their data on the internet. If the company publishes false information about itself we are not responsible for this.

Are the registration and trial databases free of charge?

Both the registration and the trial databases are absolutely free!

What kind of cuts (filters) can I apply to the database?

You can filter data according to preferred data fields, area of economic activity and city where the company has been registered. We provide you with a free selection tool which we developed ourselves.

Do you issue VAT invoices?

VAT invoices are automatically issued after the successful completion of the payment.

What payment options are available?

You can pay with credit card and other payment methods (depending on your country of residence). All payment options are presented in the “Payment methods” section of the webpage.

Do you issue proforma invoices?

We do not issue proforma invoices. The payment is executed directly from the user’s account.

What will be the format of the database I will receive?

Your purchased database will be in .CSV and our own .DB format for our SQL based selection tool.

What is the principle behind these services?

This is a completely automated, self-operating service. You can purchase data without any intervention from our side.

Where can I browse through your database examples?

After you filter down a database, a sample of it is automatically generated (according to the chosen filter criteria, XLSX format).

Are the emails, specified in the databases, active?

We automatically check e-mail relevance each month and the system excludes any inactive ones from the database. We also sell an E-mail verify tool. This is also handy for using your own e-mail list.

How is the data updated?

Public internet source data is being updated automatically. We use advanced modern cloud computing technology and data quality ensuring methods.

Is the product legal?

All information in our product is public and freely available. We thoroughly collect it, group it and present it to you in comfortable form. The Buyer is responsible for the violations of the law.